Science Based vs. Holistic Based Dental Care...

This is a simple blog, whose main purpose is to inform of the different types of Periodontal Diseases, how it affects patients, what they are, and the types of treatment offered to treat and control it.  However, a recent article was sent to me recently about "Healing Cavities the Natural Way". (If you wish for the article click here).  The article was published in a web-site whose main focus is "natural, alternative, holistic, health medicine". Two sentences in, I realised the author knows not what he is talking about.  There are many factors that cause dental decay, and yes high concentration of sugars (all types of sugars), in conjunction with bacteria lower the pH.  YES, a good diet, a HEALTHY diet, WILL aid in the prevention of caries.  BUT it is not the only thing.  Good oral hygiene is important.  Eating well and not brushing your teeth will aid in decay.  Constantly eating throughout the day will not allow your oral cavity to reach it's balanced pH, increasing the risk for decay.

What actually bothers me most, is the fact that they talk about "Healing" cavities.  Dental Enamel, (which pound for pound is harder than bone) cannot re-grow.  Eating "coconut oil, organic cooked vegetables and other organ and gland meats like liver"  will not make your cavities heal.

Your dentist can.  We remove the cavity and fix the tooth whether it is amalgam, composite, porcelain, zirconia.  And we can keep your oral health in optimum condition.